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Anti Fever Effect In 1995, it was eported that the quassinoid extracted from Tongkat Ali has an anti-fever effect. From this experiment, it was proven that the quassinoid was 2 times more effective than antipyretics. Anti Malarial Effect Studies on the biological effects of Tongkat Ali began in the 1980.s where they showed that the roots of Tongkat Ali contain certain plant chemicals and peptides that have the capacity to kill malaria parasites. Anti Oxidant Properties Studies conducted by the Forest Research Institute, Malaysia (UKM) discovered that Tongkat Ali contains SOD (Superoxicle dismutase) a kind of antioxidant enzyme. It was shown that Tongkat Ali inhibited the chain reaction of tree radicals which can be harmful to the body system. Cancer Cells Inhibitor Researchers in America and Japan reported that some plant alkaloids found in Tongkat Ali have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in animals and the spread of leukemia. Qualities of Tongkat Ali Tongkat Ali is extracted using the latest scientific techniques and the highest qualitycontrolled methods. Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract is superior in efficacy and quality. The dosage is standardized and the formulation is based on pharmacokinetic studies and observations, to ensure its effectiveness, safety and efficacy. Scientists and researchers have shown that the water soluble extract is safe and non-toxic even at relatively high dosages. Direction: Dissolve one sachet of instant kat Ali coffee into a cup of hot water


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