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Eye-Max is a plant-based supplement effective for both treatment and prevention of eye problems especially mascular degeneration. HEALTH BENEFITS: .. Relieves tired eyes ..Plays a role in prevention of age related macular degeneration ..It protects the cornea from free-radical damage. ..Improves poor night vision. ..Plays part in eye infection prevention .. Supports connective tissue structure in eyes ..Reduces cataract formation ..Improves eyesight and enhances the sharpness of vision TARGETED DISEASES / CONDITIONS: . Age-related Macular Degeneration . Cornea Damage . Poor Night Vision . Eye Infections . Cataracts ; glaucoma DIRECTIONS FOR USE: . Take two capsules a day when you are ready to have your meal. . 6-10mg daily for ARMD CONTENTS . Marigold flower extract powder . Lutein . Billberry . Grapeseed extract powder IMPORTANT NOTES: Stop smoking, taking alcohol, and correct refractive errors if present. If you provide enough nutrients for the eye such as: Lutein, Billberry, and Grapeseed, you can keep your eyes in good condition SUITABLE FOR STUDENTS TEACHERS COMPUTER WORKERS BANK WORKERS DRIVERS PILOTS PEOPLE WITH … MYOPIA… HYPEROPIA … PRESYOPIA RETINA.DEGENERATION… NIGHT BLINDNESS… AMD… GLAUCOMA… AGE RELATED CATARACT


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