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It combines the essence of tree fluid, tourmaline, euclyptus oil etc. It contains far infrared rays and anion effects. Relieves inflmmation, insomnia and speeds up detoxification. An ideal product for those under stress and an imbalanced nervous system. KEY INGREDIENTS : Wood Vinegar Has excellent absorbing properties suitable for physiotherapeutic purposes. Bamboo Vinegar Effective for disinfecting and terilization against bacteria. It also assists in relieving dermatosis, itch, and athlete.s foot Loquat Leaf A popular treatment in Japan not only for cancer but many other diseases. It also promotes secretion of body fluids. Chitosan I tis a charged, fiber-like substance that binds fat. It also has good moisture retention activity. Possesses bioactivity which promotes cell and tissue growth. Aids in healing of wounds. Health Benetifs: Eliminates toxins, relieves pain, reduces swelling. Directions: v Place the sachet with printed instructions at the center of the adhesive plaster. v Stick and spread firmly onto the desired place. v Do not use damaged sachet. v Do not place on wounds or cuts. v Use once opened. v May be used daily before bedtime. v Use until darkened color of the detox patch lightens.


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