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Alkaline Straight Drink BucketDispenser Mineral Purifier USES AND HEALTH BENEFITS OF DYNAPHARM ALKALINE MINERAL WATER POTAlkaline Water helps to regulate your physical condition. Here are some examples ofconditions alkaline water can help with.* Gastrointestinal Fermentation: If you drink alkaline water on an emptystomach, it will ease your discomfort.* Constipation: Drink alkaline water before you eat and it will hydrate yourbowels and improve this condition* Diarrhea: Since you quickly become dehydrated with diarrhea, alkalinewater, with three times the concentration of water molecules, will help keepyou hydrated and reduce discomfort.* High or Low Blood Pressure: Alkaline water will help regulate your bloodpressure if you drink it one hour before eating.* Diabetes: Drink three cups or more on an empty stomach.Alkaline Water in your Favorite Beverages:Tea: alkaline water will make the color of the tea vivid, lessen theastringency, and make it mellow and delicious.Coffee: You can use less coffee grounds and still have the same flavor andstrength.Alcohol: imparts a mellow and delicious taste and prevents the negativephysical reactions associated with drinking alcohol as it will neutralize theacid.Cooking with Alkaline Water:Alkaline water brings out the real taste in food because it doesn.t break it down like acidwater.Cooked Food: Taste comes out fully, tender, not as much seasoning required.Cooked Fish: The meat of the fish is firm.Vegetables: the green color is brought out because the chlorophyll doesn’t break down. Italso neutralizes acidic components in the vegetables, removing the harsh taste.Meat: When liver or red meat are soaked in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes, the blood isdrawn out and the odors are eliminated.Rice: alkaline water helps prevent spoilage.Other Uses of Alkaline Water:Animals and pets:1) Can be used in their drinking water to maintain their health.2) Less odor in feces.3) Healthier4) Live Longer5) Need Less Water6) Won’t need pesticides.7) Extends the life of cut flowers.When Cooking Rice:Wash the rice grains gently in weak alkaline water and soak them in strongalkaline water for 10 to 30 minutes. Steam the rice in the strong alkalinewater you used. You will be able to taste shiny, moist, and soft rice whosetaste will last.Coffee or Tea:Alkaline water eliminates the bitter and astringent taste of coffee and tea,while enriching the smooth taste and aroma.Alcohol:*Drink 3-4 cups of weak alkaline water before and after drinking to lessen itseffects.*Alkaline water also removes the odor from fish, while making them more tender and juicy.*When Cooking Fresh Meat and Astringent-Tasting Vegetables:Soak them in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes before cooking, and you willexperience the whole new level of taste with less odor and more savor.Fruits and Vegetables:*Clean and store fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for longer lastingfreshness.Alcoholic Beverages and Cocktails:*Softens and smoothes the alcohol tastesSO WHY ALL THESE EXPLANATION ON MINERAL WATER POT . ……….This is because of the 8 filtration System.


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