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GINSENG HONEY GINGER Contains ginseng, ginger and honey, it can disperse gas and wind in the body, increase blood circulation, alleviate tiredness mental fatigue and recuperate mind. CONTENTS Contains ginseng, honey and ginger TRADITIONAL USES 1) Regulates heart beat 2)Maintains blood pressure 3)Prevents tiredness 4)Improves digestion 5) Easing constipation 6)Expelling gas 7)Anti-bacterial property 8) Strengthens the spleen and stomach 9) Improve tiredness 10) Expelling wind CONSUMPTION: Dissolve 1 sachet of Instant Ginseng Honey Ginger into a cup (200ml) of hot water, twice daily . may also be taken cold to be taken before meals Contains ginsenosides that help to stabilize heart beat, maintain blood pressure and prevent exhaustion. contain Honey that can improve digestion and bowel movement NATURAL HERBS AND ESSENTIAL FOR THE PRIME FUNCTIONING OF BODY CELLS. Nature provides nutrients that can play an important role in improved mental function and memory, higher levels of energy, increased strength and endurance, reduced stress, Scientists have determined that specific nutrients in balanced quantities can create the results you crave for. HELLO FOLKS OUT THERE! ENJOY THIS TASTY TANTALIZING PURELY ORGANIC GINSENG MIXED WITH HONEY AND GINGER YOUR CELLS AND TISSUES WILL THANK YOU FOR FEEL REFRESH !!!


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