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It contains guarana and alfalfa which is rich in chlorophyll. Since the chemical structure of chlorophyll and red blood cells are very similar, long term consumption will improve production of blood. Its rich natural pigment is the best antioxidant for the human body. It is effective for purifying toxins and controlling the growth of bacteria in the human body. BENEFITS OF GUARANA AND CHLOROPHYLL COMBINATION 1. Important for cell growth and organ development. 2. Supplies nutrition to cells. 3. Reduces excess cholesterol and fatty acids. 4. Regulates blood circulation. 5. Improves blood circulation. 6. Increase oxygen supply to the tissues and other parts of the body, especially the head and neck. 7. Prevents obstruction of brain vessels, stimulates heartbeat, strengthens the heart, prevents myocardial infarction and weakness of the heart. 8. Activates brain cells and the function of nervous system. 9. Promotes normal development of the brain. Enhances intelligence and memory. 10. Prevents ageing of brain cells, optical nerve defects, motor nerve, neuralgia, headache and migraine. 11. Promotes body resistance . 12. Prolonged use prevents influenza, typhoid, chlorea, pneumonia and rashes oedema. 13. Increases elimination of wastes and increases re-absorption of nutrients in the renal system. 14. Eliminates excess blood sugar and uroprotein, stabilizes, the blood pH, prevents oedema and diseases of urinary system. 15. Improves the digestive system. 16. Activates liver cells 17. Maintains balanced electrolyte level. 18. Maintains the integrity of cell membrane to improve liver function.


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